lundi 25 août 2014

The Bridge Connecting the Milan Fair with the Expo Site...

The first section of the connecting walkway between the site of Expo Milano 2015 and the Milan Fair was completed last night. Since this morning, a pedestrian bridge, measuring 60 meters and weighing about 250 tons, stretches over three railway lines at the station of Rho-Fiera: the Milan-Varese, the Milan-Novara and the high-speed Turin-Milan line.

With a total of about 500 meters of pedestrian Expo-Fair walkway will provide access at the West of the exhibition site: over 30% of visitors will arrive by train from the Rho-Fiera railway station.

Operations started around 23:00 on Saturday August 23 and ended at 05:00 this morning, Sunday, August 24, in order to allow the regular activities of trains. 15 workers were involved, two mobile cranes and two aerial platforms.

In the next few weeks, two adjacent sections of the walkway will be assembled.

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