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VOTE for Expo 2017 mascot !

Author: LIME advertising agency

Danara (“talisman”) is a fictitious anthropomorphic character. In appearance it’s a young girl. Youth is the age of the global project of alternative energy. It is the age when consciousness develops in minds and actions. It is the age that holds the future. It is the future energy!

The image of Danara is composed of a variety of ethnic elements, which reflect national and cultural features and presents the image of Kazakhstan to the international community.

Author: LIME advertising agency

The hero “Zharyk” portrayed as the sun was chosen intentionally. The Sun, the sunlight and the heat are the power that gives life on earth to all living beings.

The image of the Sun is on the national flag of Kazakhstan, so Zharyk is the real hero of Kazakhstan. Its sunny face is highlighted with ethnic ornaments and the rays are visually linked with the logo of the EXPO 2017.

The talisman “Zharyk” will promote the ideals of energy conservation and the image of Kazakhstan.

Author: LIME advertising agency

Energic is an inspired fictitious anthropomorphic character. It is a pure creature, born of the symbiosis of the elements of earth, and it represents the primary energy.

Its origin is seen in the “energents” on its head, there are three of them, just like in the EXPO 2017 logo, each representing one of the energies of the earth – the Fire (solar energy), the Water (energy of the water flow), the Earth (geothermal energy).

Author: GOOD! agency

Tengri is a radiant baby sent by Tengri himself to protect the participants and guests of EXPO 2017. It symbolizes hospitality, warmth and strength of the host country, the Sun's energy.

Bori is a small blue wolf, being the symbol of the wind, always energetic and tireless, Tengri’s faithful friend. They always wander together on the vast sky and steppe. 

Author: Green Penguin advertising agency

Reserved, but courageous, just like any Kazakh girl, Kunsulu personifies the Sun,one of the main symbols of Kazakhstan. She dominates the sun energy, and she uses it to create fireplaces and to control them.

Bobek is the embodiment of the water and the unique water reserves of Kazakhstan. Agile and lively like the water itself, Bobek controls it just by one touch.

Well-tempered Ulan symbolizes the earth, which has always been very important in the country of nomads. Ulan is in complete harmony with the Nature and is able to control its powers with only one motion of the hand.

Author: designer Mira Kanatova

“Kunsulu” is the wise and beautiful Queen of the Sun that warms and illuminates our planet. Thousands of solar panels work with its energy.

“Daulkhan” is the powerful king of the winds of the steppe of our vast country. Many turbines are turned by his power, continuously providing electricity.

“Tolkynay” is the princess of the water that washes all the continents of the world. She helps people with her hydraulic power, and her power and beauty are charming.

Author: designer Ilnora Khakimzhanova

The Steppe Eagle Azat sees far, hovers under the Sun and symbolizes the Sun. The Steppe Eagle uses the power and the energy of the Wind!

The Snow Leopard Bekey lives high in the mountains and symbolizes the purity and fragility of Kazakhstan’ Nature! This mascot is already well known from the 7th Asian Winter Games 2011.

The Colt Darmen is the main animal in the Kazakh culture. It symbolizes the future and the rising power of Kazakhstan. We remember that unit of measurement of power is Horsepower!

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