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Cluster... RICE

Rice – Abundance and Security

Upon entering the Rice Cluster, visitors will be immersed in a surrounding that will give the effect of being inside a large paddy field. This rural setting will offer the visitor an authentic experience and allow them to enjoy the colors and smells of a real paddy field. The Rice Cluster will also gradually unveil information on how rice grows, such as how the water covers and protects the new rice plants.

Rice is both adaptable and nutritious. This is why, over 10,000 years ago, humans started to cook rice in their homes. It is believed to have first began with a natural Chinese type rice that has since spread from the valleys of China to all over the world, where it is still widely enjoyed today as a key part of many cuisines.

Given our knowledge of the history of rice and the countless varieties that are available, it is imperative that we appreciate the central role that this cereal plays in enriching the biodiversity. Within the Rice Cluster, the visitor will be given the opportunity to take that journey through history and see how different countries over the course of time have come up with innovative ways in which to cultivate rice.

Cluster card

EXHIBITION CONTENT: Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca, Italy
CONCEPT AND EXHIBITION LAYOUT: Agnese Rebaglio, Davide Crippa,
Barbara Di Prete and Francesco Tosi
TOTAL AREA: 3.546 sqm
COMMON AREA: 2.420 sqm
EVENTS AREA: 738 sqm

The Cluster structure

Within this Cluster, visitors will be immersed in a rural setting made possible by a Kaleidoscope effect, created by mirrors. The visitor will enter a botanical area that contains different varieties of rice growing in paddy fields, to offer an authentic experience. The visitor will also have the opportunity to engage in interactive games within this area, made possible through the use of plasma screens situated next to the water tanks. These screens will offer stories of legends, myths and statistical information about rice and its cultivation, to give the visitor both an authentic and  educational experience at the same time. The option to try actual rice products will also be possible via the many kiosks situated throughout the public area.

An adaptable food

Rice is the basic food for almost 3 billion people, approximately half of the world’s population. Once dried, rice can be kept for a very long time and in the case of famine, can be a lifesaving food source. Within Oriental cultures, having rice equals richness and is viewed as being as valuable as money or gold. It is an essential commodity for many Asians, Africans and Latin Americans who reside in tropical and sub-tropical climates.

For the continuously growing world population, rice represents a primary source of nourishment. Due to its adaptability, rice can be grown almost anywhere and can be easily distributed to any part of the world.

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