jeudi 30 octobre 2014

Chelini - Firenze... a new partner for Monaco pavilion !


Molding a style
Reinterpreting antique flavors of design and philosophy, Chelini made a new box of style tuning to the present in a very eclectic way. Every collection constantly features something new and exuberant, within a contest in which elegance and class, personality and handcrafting, firmly stand for Florence artistic solidity. Production is managed in a very meticulous way so that each phase is entrusted-- depending on the specification-- to artisans, whose freshman talent, has been molded by Chelini into handcrafting authorities.

Versatility has two faces
When it comes to “Made-in- Italy” expectations are high, and Chelini delivers.
Every creation suits each environment magnificently, adding a touch of glam and impeccable taste. Versatility doesn’t apply only to style: The custom- made feature plays a key role, so that dimensions fit into any contest, splendidly. Due to handcrafting, each and every single Chelini’s item,
is absolutely unique.

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