jeudi 30 octobre 2014

History... remember Malaysia at Expo 2012 Yeosu

Here is the logo for Malaysia Pavilion. It employs 2 main elements - a stylised, 2-tone wave gives us immediately our "ocean" feel and is deliberately stylised to transition from blue to green, symbolising our harmonious connection between sea and land. It also flows and folds like a scarf would, alluding to the batik material Malaysia is so well known for.

Another element is the adorable icon, the mudskipper a creature that calls both the sea and the land its habitat that makes it a most suitable symbol for our Pavilion's own sea-land duality.

The Malaysia mascot for Expo 2012.

Given a "caricature-style" treatment, the mudskipper is transformed into a truly cute and appealing mascot, enhanced further by multi-coloured batik motifs. Say 'hi' to mudskipper.

Malaysia Pavilion will create a distinct impression from the onset. The front façade is designed to catch the eye from afar, strategically placed to "tap" the crowds and draw them to the Pavilion. Take a look at the Front Façade with its Giant Terengganu fishing boat (in progress) and what do you think about the design?

Malaysia stands proud as home to 77% of the world's coral ecosystems and as many as 612 coral species. Here in the Living Reef section at the very heart of our Pavilion, you can experience being at the bottom of a sea bed at the Aquatarium and watch various marine life swim by. In the section too, watch our Blue Ghost projection - a holographic presentation features a scuba diver who through the magic of Pepper Ghost technology, helps showcase local marine species, coral reef formations and provides basic species information. Here is part of The Living Reef section.

The sneak peek of Malaysia Pavilion Front Facade. The Jalur Gemilang and official logo represent Malaysia.

Pic Courtesy Malaysian pavilion Expo 2012 Yeosu

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