jeudi 23 octobre 2014

Expo Milano 2015 Roadshow begins in China

The Roadshow of Expo Milano 2015 begins in China. The first stop in Beijing starts with the opening ceremony which was held within the Expo "Sphere" exhibited on Wangfujing,  one of the main avenues of the capital in the presence of about 200 guests.

The objective is to introduce the Universal Exhibition to the Chinese 
"The Roadshow - said the CEO for Expo Milano 2015 Giuseppe Sala - is the strength of the 'China Special Project for Expo Milano 2015', presented at the beginning of 2013. The goal of this initiative is to raise awareness of the content and opportunities that the event in Milan offers to China and support the campaign for the sale of entrance tickets to the Universal Exhibition throughout the entire country. "

The meeting was attended by the Commissioner General of the Section of the Republic of China for Expo Milano 2015; Jinzhen Wang , the Deputy Mayor of Beijing; Cheng Hong, the Italian Ambassador to China; Alberto Bradanini , the Director of the National System for the Promotion of the Ministry Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation; Vincenzo De Luca , the CEO and commissioner of the Government for Expo Milano 2015 Giuseppe Sala and the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture of China (Department of International Cooperation)Tang Shenyao .

Expo Milano 2015 will play a positive role in cooperation between the two countries
"China and Italy have attached great importance to the Expo - said Wang -. During the ASEM summit, just concluded in Milan, the governments of both parties have issued a joint statement on a series of agreements reached, with an emphasis on the positive role that Expo 2015  plays in trade and economic cooperation between Italy and China, promoting communication between governments and the business community and facilitating collaboration between the two countries in various fields. China is the second largest economy in the world and a major agricultural country that has a historical food culture. Our country - he added - will engage in the challenge of achieving sustainable development throughout the world, using the Universal Exposition as a platform, of great importance for China to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with countries around the world. We will show that the results in agriculture, in food, urbanization and sustainable development are the challenges that we are facing; also telling the long history of the country, splendid culture, abundant and delicious food, as well as our commitment and expectations for future development. We hope to have the world better understand China, to share experiences with Italy and other countries and carry out exchanges in various fields thanks to the cooperation and participation in the Expo. "

Lang Lang the new Ambassador for Expo Milano 2015 is introduced
During the meeting, the video of a new Ambassador of Expo Milano 2015 was presented: The Chinese pianist   Lang Lang .
"I am honored to become Ambassador of the Universal Exhibition of 2015 . Thank you. The theme this year is 'Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life'. Sustainability, the environment and food production must be at the center of global attention. I hope you have fun at Expo Milano 2015 ".

Marcello Lippi
To provide support for the Universal Exposition is also Marcello Lippi , coach of the Italian National Football Team World Champion in 2006 and now coach of the Chinese team Guangzhou Evergrande. "In recent years in China - said Lippi - I discovered how Italy is loved in this country and I am happy that this Roadshow is bringing together even more and more the two populations. The theme at the center of Expo Milano 2015 deepens, then, the path opened by the Expo in Shanghai. You cannot, in fact, think about how to improve our cities and the way of life of citizens around the world without focusing on nutrition, proper diets and physical well-being. I am proud that Italy is hosting the Universal Exhibition - said the Italian coach -. It is as if, for six months, thanks to Expo Milano 2015 our country will be playing an important game every day. "

In Beijing until 26 October
In the coming days,  in the spherical mobile structure from  which the Roadshow announces its  arrival in the city, there will be exhibitions, seminars, tastings of typical Italian and Chinese dishes of, meetings and many other cultural events and entertainment. These activities will allow the public to learn more about Expo Milano 2015 and its theme, as well as understand the importance of promoting sustainable agriculture.
After Beijing, where it will stay until the 26th of October, the Chinese tour of Expo Milano 2015 will resume its journey to visit, among other locations, the provinces and the municipality of Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing.


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