vendredi 31 octobre 2014

Expo 2015 Milano... and Albania pavilion

Theme "Our Food, Our Story, Our Mystery…"


With its participation at Expo Milano 2015, Albania is strongly committed to the ambitions of “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life,” and to create partnerships that will promote Albania’s traditional cultural identity and develop its agriculture and organic farming, with new measures of production and trade. Albania will participate inside the Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster, offering to the international visitorss a great opportunity to experience its natural beauty and its cuisine, but also, the productivity and creativity of its regions, its history and particular products.

Given its geographical position and mild climate, the cuisine of Albania represents a fusion of Mediterranean, Balkan and European influences, offering high nutritional value and unique flavors. The cuisine of this ancient land is rich and various as its history. Its gastronomy can be nominally divided according to its northern, central and southern regions, each offering traditional specialties and each with their own folklore. In Albania, food means pleasure, culture, conviviality and hospitality, a sacred virtue in Albania. Albanians say “my house is the house of my guest” and hospitality has been always be related to the idea of food, hearth and house.

Agricultural practices have very real consequences for people's lives, tackling adverse impacts like food-borne illnesses, groundwater pollution and soil depletion. Albania’s Pavilion therefore serves as a space for dialogue and discussion on future development and growth, aligned with identifying new consumer needs and production processes, and building an international network for tourism and investment opportunities.

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