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Official launch, Chile pavilion in La Vega... "EL AMOR DE CHILE"

President Michelle Bachelet heads the Chile Pavilion for Expo Milano 2015 release
On October 15 it became known the Pavilion that will represent the country in Expo Milan 2015. The shed Chacareros of the Vega Central, where tenants contributed with their colorful products to build a great agricultural scenario that received the authorities of Government, employers and Union representatives was the chosen scenario.

With the arrival of the President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, was given the go to the activity in which the attendees can meet through a video Pavilion of Chile from an architectural perspective and content, which was presented as "The love of Chile", name inspired by the poem by Raúl Zurita.
The activity was marked by speeches by President Michelle Bachelet, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Heraldo Muñoz and the general Commissioner for Chile Expo Milan 2015, Lorenzo Constans; Besides counting with the presence of the Minister of agriculture, Carlos Furche, director of ProChile, Roberto Paiva and the Ambassador of Italy, Marco Ricci.

Notable quotes:

Michelle Bachelet, President of the Republic.
"Today in the world, daily 8 million and half people drink a glass of Chilean fruit juice every day, and almost 17 million people drink a glass of Chilean wine, but we know that we have so much more to offer and that is precisely what will allow US to the Expo Milan: show the best of us, to the world".
"Now is the minute of advance in a decisive way so that our products, especially those small and medium-sized farmers, grow with much effort the necessary step to get to the first level and receive the recognition they deserve, and of course, there will be in May of next year, to join in this great Expo that we will allow show to Chile also in other dimensions."

Heraldo Muñoz, Minister of Foreign Affairs.
"What better way to do this release the Vega Central, with agricultural products, expressing the theme of love of Chile, which refers to the love that is involved in our beaches, our mountains, our glaciers, in our land. "The 2015 Milan Expo is a great showcase for a public private partnership based on what produces our land".
"Milan already that are laying radiata pine beams on purpose once they pass minimally 20 million people will know our Pavilion, is going to dismantle and bring our country back".

Carlos Furche, Minister of agriculture.
"The Expo Milan that begins in May of the next year is a huge opportunity to open a space to new products, new producers, to our peasant family farming, so that in the coming years we can multiply several times the value and the volume of our exports to the world. The theme of food is placed in the Centre of the international agenda and Chile is a reliable country, producing quality food and we must deepen this path."

Claudia Barattini, Minister of culture.
"It is nice how this cultural movement of rescue of our culinary tradition and also products that are original from Chile is brewing. The capacity of our chefs to rescue a tradition, revisiting it and innovating, is valued, because we must not forget that food is coexistence, through eating us bond between human beings".

Javiera Montes, Undersecretary of tourism.
"It is important that Chile can show to the world and in this context the presence of our country at the Expo Milan opens a tremendous opportunity to publicize our wealth of a country with diverse landscapes. The arrival of European tourists in Chile has been on the rise this year and we hope that our presence in Italy increase over even the arrival of the Europeans to our country."

Lorenzo Constans, Commissioner general of Chile Expo Milan 2015.
"To carry out a project of this magnitude involves a great responsibility and pride, considering that is the result of the Alliance public-private. That is why we are here today in the Vega Central, who knows love for their products and passion for sustainability. I have no doubt that Chile will be protagonist at the upcoming Milan Expo 2015 ".

Robert Paiva, Director of ProChile.
"For us, Chile to participate in a universal exhibition of such scale is a great sign that we are on the right track, an example of this is the work of Chilean SMEs is currently present in the major regional markets in the world and our position in the ranking in terms of safety and quality of products. It is this type of instances where we can share life experiences, innovation and commercial relations which will be a key contribution to our small and medium-sized domestic industry can consolidate as a relevant actor in global sustainable agri-food".

Myriam Gómez, Executive Director of the Foundation image of Chile.
"Being part of such powerful instances strengthens the image of Chile, a key factor in globalised times, in which countries are investing many resources to improve the perception of the international community. This event will allow displaying the attributes by which we aim to settle as a power in the agro-food sector, informing our ability to establish solid trade links with a diverse and competitive export supply, without neglecting the care of our people, their values, traditions and culture."

Charles Kimber, commercial Manager and corporate sponsor, ARAUCO Affairs.
"A tremendous pride is to be able to contribute with a body as important as this to Chile, this exhibition represents a showcase of very important to highlight the attributes of the country, the characteristics of its people and the nobility of its natural resources, and all these will be reflected in the Grand Pavilion built in radiata pine."

Presidency of the Republic, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate-General for international economic relations (DIRECON), ProChile, Ministry of agriculture, National Council for culture and the Arts (CNCA), Undersecretary of tourism, Carabineros de Chile, Foundation image of Chile. RIOLAB, PANASONIC and GUALLARAUCO.
Project welcomed the cultural donations Act.

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