jeudi 16 octobre 2014

The 2014 International Exhibition of Innovation Research and Food Security in Milan, Rome and Naples from October 15 to 17

For World Food Day and in readiness for Expo Milano 2015, the 2014 edition of the 2014 International Exhibition of Innovation Research and Food Security will take place from October 15 to 17. The event will be hosted simultaneously in three different Italian cities: Milan, Rome and Naples, at the respective offices of Società Umanitaria. "This event has become well-established over the years, with strong audience participation. In this, its third edition, it has achieved a significant milestone with its national network of scientific partners," Andrea Mascaretti, creator and organizer of the event observes with satisfaction. "We have established ourselves as the pre-Expo national event that has been able to bring together the synergies of universities, research centers, companies, training institutes, schools and associations."

A three-fold guide
The program will be marked by three underlying themes: on Wednesday 15 it will discuss law and legality; on Thursday 16, it will address key points regarding access to food and food security; and on Friday 17 it will conclude with the theme of the relationship between tradition and innovation. The breadth of its conferences and seminars led by industry experts, comprises economic and technical analyses of a number of food industry topics, ranging to more scientific questions such as issues of sustainability and genetics. "The three days of events organized in partnership with the Scientific Committee of Expo Milano 2015," notes Dr. Amos Nannini, president of the Società Umanitaria "will address questions of great topical interest such as how the system works to counter Italian agro-food fraud and the mafia; what are the new rules in 2014 concerning the labeling of foodstuffs; the role of multinational enterprises; risks and opportunities of new food sources such as sustainable farming of edible insects both in animal feed and for human consumption."

An open door to citizens
Besides providing technical updates there will also be cultural events such as art exhibitions and film festivals. Admission is free and the aim is to widen participation to non-experts, such as schools and families. "Alongside the conferences there will be workshops and events for children, teachers and families on questions of food waste," said the lawyer Milena Polidoro. "There will also be an award ceremony for the 7th national competition for pupils of fine arts high schools‎ belonging to Italy’s academies of fine arts on the theme of Food Art." Food has always been both nourishment and pleasure and this year’s international exhibition of innovation research and food security fully captures both elements.

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