jeudi 2 octobre 2014

The New Website for the France Pavilion !

With the theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life", the organisers of Expo Milan 2015 are looking to provide answers to the question: "How do we ensure that all mankind has a sufficient, sustainable supply of quality, healthy food?”.

Due to the fact that France is being directly affected by this issue, its participation reflects a strong
desire to get fully involved and to provide practical solutions adapted to different situations. With strong, organizational economic and scientific assets reinforced by the appropriate public policies, France is able to participate fully in all issues related to the preservation of the quality of products, as well as the environment, with the objective of providing nourishment for the entire planet.

The diversity of its agricultural models and its fishery resources allow for the assurance of both the development of its territories and a strong presence in international markets. Thanks to the diversity of its products - combining standard and local products - and of an innovative agri-food industry that has been able to adapt to new social dietary expectations, France has managed to maintain and develop a gastronomical model that combines tradition and modernity in conjunction with health and pleasure. It is also supported by public and private research, which includes a network of institutions of technical education, whose unanimously recognised reputation for quality throughout the world allows them to respond with scientific progress and innovation to present and future food challenges.

The food model championed by France today is perfectly consistent with the international logic of respect for the diversity of global food models, the indispensable balance between pleasure and health, the necessary preservation of resources of the planet and the sustainability of food production models. Therefore, France intends to continue its efforts to maintain food security in the heart of the international agenda and to advocate for promotion of governance, which brings together all stakeholders (political decision-makers, food producers, NGOs, private sector enterprises, research organisations) in order to ensure food supply. The role of France exceeds a mere economic presence in relation to world markets, and instead reflects the importance of agriculture, fisheries and the agri-food sector in the national economy of the country.

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