vendredi 31 octobre 2014

Kazakhstan in Milano 2015 ? we're impatient to learn more...

Theme "The Land of Opportunities"

The Concept

In Kazakhstan, the ancestral connection between man and the environment is rooted in its traditional nomadic culture, characterized by a strong understanding of the environment, from the rational use of land and natural resources, and the vision of food as a gift to be offered and shared with others. This unique bond can be traced in its many traditions and customs and is reflected in its distinctive motto "such a large Country, of which we know so little."

The Kazakh pavilion at Expo Milano 2015, occupying a total area of 2,396 square meters, aims to introduce visitors to the theme of protecting natural and agricultural resources, culture and the idea of sustainable development, which is where the Country is clearly headed.

The interpretations of this gallery of themes populate the suggested route to visitors following thematic areas: "Welcome to Kazakhstan " (where visitors will be greeted by an introductory video), "Wheat" (where, through a dynamic diorama with its recreated typical landscape of fields of wheat, one of the most important natural resources for the country), "The management of water resources" (which, thanks to two large panoramic screens will present the major rivers and lakes stressing the importance of protecting biodiversity and fishing), "Products of Kazakhstan" (presenting visitors with the most characteristic produce, especially milk and horse meat and apples), "Astana Expo 2017" (a preview of some of the projects that the Exposition will be held in Astana in three years’ time on the theme "Future Energy").

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