dimanche 12 octobre 2014

Expo Milano 2015 will Participate in the Three Major Events on the Smart City

Expo Milano 2015 and digital technologies, it’s a bond that will project not only the event, but Milan into the era of Smart City . To witness this union Expo will participate with its partners in the three major trade fairs in the sector: Gitex Technology Week in Dubai, October 12 to 16, Smart City Exhibition in Bologna, October 22 to 24 and Smart City Expo in Barcelona, ​​from 18 November 20.

On these occasions, which represent the most important events worldwide on the topic of the Smart City, Expo will recount the innovations that will be implemented during the six months of the Exposition. Digital technologies will serve the visitor through both interactive media displays and their Smartphones, making it easier to navigate, avoiding the queues and offering personalized itineraries. The experience of the Smart City will continue outside the exhibition site allowing the visitor to move independently and discover the city of Milan.

First appointment in Dubai - October 12 to 16

At  Gitex Technology Week  in Dubai, industry professionals  come together from 150 countries in the UAE region,  which will see the investment in smart technologies, rising from $ 15 billion in 2014 to $ 20 billion in 2020, thanks to investment in major infrastructure proposed by the Government. This year there will be 3,700 exhibitors from 61 countries and over 100,000 visitors are expected.

From October 22 to 24 in Bologna

From October 22 to 24, Bologna will host the third edition of the Smart City Exhibition , bringing together the political class, entrepreneurs and active citizens, highlighting the best experiences of our country and identifying replicable models of international success in Italy. What's new in the 2014 program is the attention devoted to the relationship between food and cities and to investigating the future of urban food policies. The conference Food & City: The Smart Future of Urban Food Policy  organized in  collaboration with Eating City International Platform, it offers a vision of the Smart City where the power can become an indispensable pillar of resilient and sustainable cities. A panel of international experts will discuss and work on a series of case studies related to new models where food, health and environment meet the enterprise economy. Smart City Exhibition 2013 saw the participation of nearly 6000 visitors in more than 125 cities, of which 20% were foreign,  with more than 100 investors and 500 national and international speakers.

In Barcelona Smart City Expo World Congress in November

Smart City Expo World Congress
n Barcelona, ​​scheduled for November 18 to 20, aims to offer a more comprehensive definition of Smart City, paying particular attention to what are the challenges and the solutions while maintaining civil society and the public at the center of the debate. The last edition attracted over 9,000 visitors, 160 companies with 300 cities represented and 3,055 delegates from various countries of the world.

Thanks to innovative technology and the Universal Exhibition in Milan, the theme of Expo Milano 2015 'Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life' will enter actively in the experience of the people.

(photo credit: Foto di Worklife Siemens rilasciata sotto licenza CC -http://www.flickr.com/photos/44742231@ N03/4112385626)

Source : http://www.expo2015.org/en/expo-milano-2015-will-participate-in-the-three-major-events-on-the-smart-city

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