lundi 20 octobre 2014

Concept of the Uruguay pavilion

Theme "Trust Worthy Natural Flavors for the Planet"

The Concept

Uruguay’s most intelligent breading and cultivation methods are illustrated in an exhibition area of 747 square meters. It represents a healthy and natural production, which can build trust among consumers who are given full information on the provenance of food.

The centuries-old tradition of careful use of resources is expressed by its national brand Uruguay Natural, which markets not just meat but a range of produce throughout the world (wine, oil, honey, cheese) and all 100%-assured natural and sustainable.

Traceability is the central element of the exhibition, illustrating the different ways of how it is attained through sophisticated technology and careful production, and explaining its subtitle: "Science and technology for safety and quality".

Contents are addressed on two different levels, for the general public and for specialized operators, all in a space that recreates the environments of rearing and agriculture.

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