mardi 7 octobre 2014

Terrazza Martini by Pininfarina at the Italian Pavilion

Here's how it will be the Terrazza Martini by Pininfarina at the Italian Pavilion

Presented this morning the draft Martini terrace by Pininfarina at the Italian Pavilion Expo Milano 2015 Martini and Pininfarina brand representing the Italian excellence in the world, have joined forces on the occasion of Expo Milano 2015 with a unique project: the Terrazza Martini by Pininfarina.

Martini has entrusted to Pininfarina design and planning, with the aim to make it consistent with the fundamental themes of the Universal and the concept of the Italian Pavilion.

The study of the Pininfarina team has started the four key elements - Food, Nature, Life and People - that trace the basic themes of the Expo, to give life to a concept able to express them through formal solutions that combine tradition and innovation. Born as a space that will combine the history, the iconic and the myth of a place has always been deputy to the pleasure of life and at the same time express the changes of the present and the transformations of the future.

Terrazza Martini by Pininfarina will overlook Piazza Italian with an entrance designed to be thrown immediately into the world Martini. On the high walls that support the input scale installations will be present to tell the story of the company, its Italian roots, her bond with the land and the beauty and richness of its regions. The environment has been designed in modular spaces in which you will be able to fully enjoy the experience of the aperitif, the highlight dell'esperienzialità Martini. The heart of the space will be the Martini Bar, construed in accordance with the elegance and functionality of Pininfarina, a place to share and discover the products and mixology Martini, who will be accompanied by proposals for food-based ingredients and raw materials of Italian excellence . Guests at Terrazza Martini will also enjoy a second bar and several lounge areas, partially protected by a pergola, design reinterpreted with a contemporary lines and geometric shapes, and in part discovered, to allow you to enjoy the magnificent view from the position.

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