jeudi 5 mars 2015

Netherlands pavilion at Expo 2015 Milano

Theme “Share, Grow, Live”


One of mankind’s most fundamental objectives is to improve our quality of life. Whether it’s financial or sociocultural well-being, it leads to huge local and global achallenges. These are diverse and interconnected. In order to sustain future life solutions need to be found.

Share. Ultimately the search for solutions to global challenges requires international collaboration  and the sharing of knowledge and natural recources. We have to do it together. The Dutch are used to cooperating, it’s part of our nature.

Our geography – the Dutch Delta, the water that surrounds us has always demanded this. Our country has always needed new and creative solutions which could only be developed and implemented successfully by working together. Solutions for, among many others, land reclamation, crop improvements and water management have all been created in this fashion.

Grow. In addition, The Netherlands have proven to be fertile ground for growth and knpwledge development because of our Delta, but also because of our unique decentral, democratic and socially conscious society, leading to a long history of international food production, innovative agriculture and the equitable distribution of land, water and other resources. Population-wise: the Netherlands are number 63 in the world and our land area is 134th. Yet we are the second largest global food exporter and many Dutch companies and knowledge institutions are global leaders in various food-related fields. They play an important role in finding solutiuons for worldwide challenges such as food security, food safety and the sustainable use of water, energy and other resources.

Live. More and more people, in search of ever higher qualities of life: this requires many solutions.
Share, develop, grow, live: it’s the Dutch way. We are eager to discuss how this works and how, together with the rest of the world we can improve our lives even further. Welcome!

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