lundi 16 mars 2015

Instagram for Dominican Republic pavilion...

Instagram, Official account for Pavilion of Dominican Republic :

Empowering Family Farmers so They Can Feed Themselves, Their Communities, and the World
While global food production has expanded to satisfy the nutritional needs of every person in every country, hundreds of millions go to bed every night with an empty stomach. The scandal of hunger, which is a consequence of social and economic exclusion, should generate moral outrage: all of us who are food secure must demand courage from all actors to articulate concrete, effective, and sustainable actions. Because the primary responsibility for promoting social development rests with governments, national and local authorities must bring together civil society organizations, technical experts, independent researchers, and the private sector -including food producers at all levels of output - to identify proven strategies so that policy makers can create an enabling environment for overcoming poverty and eradicating hunger.

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