jeudi 5 mars 2015

History - Morroco pavilion in Spain... 1929 !

The pavilion of Morocco at the Ibero-Americana Exposicion in Sevilla 1929.

In 1929 in Spain, was held two expositions, one in Barcelona and the other in Sevilla.
These exhibitions aim to revive the national spirit, at different levels, it's the one of Sevilla which hosts the colonial and exotic pavilions in the beautiful setting of the Gardens of Delights.

This pavilion of Morocco, which lies between pavilions of Spanish Guinea and Columbia, is a fine example with a simple style, but varied, reminiscent of the mosques of Africa.
As indicated by the two ceramic plates at the entrance of the pavilion, it was made by José Gutiérrez Lescura, director of the School of Fine Arts in Tetouan, in collaboration with the painter Mario Bertuchi.
We can also read the date of 1347, which is the year 1929 on the Muslim calendar.

This Moroccan pavilion was built from 1925 to 1928 and covers an area of 680 square meters.

Vestige of the exhibition, it still exists in Sevilla, and is now the headquarters of Sevilla Parks and Gardens.

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