samedi 28 mars 2015

Cambodia pavilion... Rice cluster

Theme "Rice Crop Grown on the Cambodian Land Rich in Cultural Heritage"

The Concept

Cambodia is an important crossroads for China, India and Southeast Asia, and is known around the world for its unspoilt nature, cultivation of rice, culture, art, and warm hospitality. The Kingdom of Cambodia has decided to give the utmost emphasis to the importance of its rice, which benefits from the rich alluvial sediment that fertilizes the Mekong and central areas, together with the lake and river system of Tonle Sap, providing a natural irrigation of rice fields.

The opportunity for cultural exchange offered by Milan Expo 2015 allows Cambodia to be known for what it really is, a land rich in history and economic potential.

As one of the largest producers of rice in Asia, Cambodia is participating in the Universal Exposition in the Rice Cluster with an exhibition space of 125 square meters, taking full responsibility for deepening understanding of technologies used in agricultural crop management, of irrigation systems, of the food supply chain, and of aspects that combine culture with nature.

There are many remarkable aspects of Cambodian history – from the Baray Toek Thla irrigation system of the 11th century, to the watersheds of King Indravarman I, and to the religious respect that the farmers have for rice. Indeed rice finds its greatest expression in the ploughing ceremonies held in the lunar months of Pisak, and in Dalean, its harvest festival, providing a wealth of ancestral knowledge to be shared with pride and projected towards a sustainable future.

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