jeudi 26 mars 2015

Dutch Festival at Expo 2015 Milano...

For centuries the Dutch have come up with solutions for issues around food, water and energy and we do this in our own particular way: Share Grow Live. This story is told at the pavilion through a central exhibition and temporary shows about, among others the future of fruits and vegetables, new ways of producing food and the relationship between food and technology. Food art and artificial food aren’t forgotten either.

Each day will see tastings, demonstrations, workshops and performances so that a true festival atmosphere will emerge. And of course there are many great things to eat, ranging from Dutch classics like “bitterballs” and “stroopwafels” to exciting new dishes. The greenhouse restaurant, food trucks and the Ferris wheel cater to all tastes.

Kids will enjoy treasure hunts, workshops and other fun things.

Seminars, lectures, meet and greets and other activities will ensure business visitors will spend their time at the pavilion in a pleasant and useful way.

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