jeudi 12 mars 2015

San Marino at Expo 2015 Milano !!!

Bio mediterraneo Cluster

San Marino may be a small territory but it has been able to develop "national systems" in agriculture, business, banking, and industry. Within its borders, which cover an area of only 61 square kilometers, the Republic of San Marino specializes in quality food products covering six categories, each traceable and certified by the Consorzio Terra of San Marino: wheat, wine, honey, oil, meat, milk and dairy products.

San Marino will be present at Expo Milano 2015 within the Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster. Having such high standards of quality within a very small area, the country’s theme of participation refers to its ability to concentrate on local production. The exhibition space of San Marino will display the traditional "made in San Marino" food products, which are produced within its borders from imported raw materials and typical artisan products such as ceramics that have been used  historically as food and drink containers.
Visitors entering the San Marino Pavilion will be welcomed by a central video-wall and graphics on the surrounding walls, all providing the visitor with information on the country. However the heart of the exhibition is made up of a multimedia table, with ten touchscreens that will provide in depth information on San Marino’s products. The table symbolizes the family and the home and tells a story filled with affection, food and wine, of a community that looks to face new challenges through the traditions and values of the table.

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