lundi 16 mars 2015

History - Walk in Russia at the World Expo 1867 in Paris - Part 3

Discover the little Russian Village, several houses on the Champ-de-Mars.

A - Isbah group... The great Isbah, or peasant's house, consists of three buildings

The first is a building in spruce, which forms a house complete. The walls are made of tree bark
and regularized round without an ax. The underside of each piece of wood is hollowed out so as
to receive the top of the lower part, between the two is in tow.
This is obviously a pretty amazing style building for visitors of expo.

Isbah, composed by three constructions.  
These Russian buildings are certainly at the origin of the mode of wooden chalet in France until
the early twentieth century.

Isbah ground floor.  
The ground floor is designed for barns and stables.
Accessible by a staircase covered, the first floor is divided into two parts which include housing
of the peasant and his children. A terracotta stove is at a corner of the room, it serves as a bread
oven and stove. The walls are lined with painted wooden boards.
Visitors can discover everyday objects and handicrafts, furs, fabrics and embroideries, ceramics
Caucasus and valuable icons.

To follow...

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