mercredi 18 mars 2015

About Lebanon pavilion...


Theme "Cuisine: the Lebanese Art & Soul"

Cluster bio mediterraneo

The Concept

The presence of Lebanon at the Expo Milano 2015, within the Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster, reflects the soul of Lebanon that revolves around generosity, hospitality and cuisine, the key to unlocking the culture of this eastern country. Food represents a key aspect for its people, which are closely related to the arts and cultural activities.

The Lebanese express a mastery of the culinary world transferring it into a colorful set of words (literature and poetry), colors (painting and photography), movements and expressions (dance and theater).

Its 125-square meter pavilion encourages interaction between Lebanese artisans and visitors who can watch the production processes of wine and olive oil, or soap.

Food is an essential value in Lebanese culture and will be its way of connecting with visitors, through theatrical performances, cooking classes and documentaries, or through the experience of tasting typical dishes of the "pearl of Arab cuisine."

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