mercredi 11 mars 2015

The pavilion of Argentina...

Since its first participation in a Universal Exposition in 1889 (Paris), Argentina has been the Latin American country boasting the highest number of participations in this kind of events; Expo Milano 2015 is no exception. Declared of national interest, Argentina’s participation in this event has gained momentum as a unique showcase over the course of 184 days to show the world the many innovations and achievements of Argentina’s agroindustrial sector in recent years. The Argentine pavilion was carefully designed to be a space to promote trade, tourism and culture as visitors enjoy an unforgettable experience.

The pavilion will host a great number and variety of activities. Companies, provincial bodies and other participating institutions will have specially designed spaces to provide tastings of the best Argentine food and beverages, organize cultural events, share Argentina’s tourist attractions and hold meetings with foreign entrepreneurs and visitors.

Moreover, the pavilion represents a unique opportunity to show the world all the economic, cultural and natural diversity of a country that has consolidated itself as one of the main Latin American tourist destinations.

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