mercredi 25 mars 2015

History - Russian pavilion at Expo'74 Spokane - USA

Expo'74 World's Fair Spokane, USA

This is the Soviet Union's first appearance at a U.S. Sponsored world exhibition since 1939 and is the second world's fair the soviets have attended in the U.S. This pavilion is the largest foreign at Expo. Above the entrance, is a giant intricate relief map of the Soviet Union measuring 60 feet wide and 30 feet high.

Just inside the entrance is a colorful exhibit featuring landscaping and water, fountains, green plants and a bust of Lenin. Three theaters present films on environmental subjects pertaining to Russia. In the exhibit halls, the Russians emphasize both the ancient and the modern accomplishments and cultural creations of their nation. Lighted dioramas and models are used throughout the exhibit. On the ground floor of this pavilion is the riverfront restaurant featuring authentic Russian Food.

« Progress without Pollution »is the theme of the USSR pavilion, a 54,500 square feet building.
To developpe its theme, it offers the following comprehensive exhibits :

  • Achievements of Soviet science in fields pertaining to problems of environment and rational utilization of biosphere ressources.
  • Measures taken by the Soviet state to control the country's national ressources.
  • Remaking of nature in the USSR aimed at environmental improvment.
  • Education and training leading to participation of the community in environmental problem solution.
  • Role of the public health bodies in the USSR in fighting environmental pollution.
  • Environment improvements in urban planning in the USSR.
  • USSR achievements in air space protection against pollution.
  • Protection of water sources against pollution in the USSR.
  • Recultivations of lands affected by mining.
  • Progressive technological processes which cause no environment pollution and provide for complex utilization of industrial waste products.
  • Improvement of soil productivity.
  • Preservation of nature and genofund.
  • International cooperation of the USSR in the field of environment protection.

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