mardi 3 mars 2015

Congratulations Malaysia !

Yes, "BRAVO" to the Malaysian pavilion, the Glulam structure is now completed,
what a feat !

The Glulam Structure... it's... 
  • around 50 000 pieces of Nults, Bolts and screws hold the steel joints securely
  • 200 metric ton of glulam were manufactures, packed and transported from Malaysia  to Italy.
  • Over 3000 pieces of steel joints connect the glulam pieces together.
  • 800 pieces of concrete plate joints act as the base structure.
  • 120x650mm is the maximum thickness of a single glulam member.
  • Every single joint is made to measure for specific segment of glulam.
  • All pieces were carefully assembled and pieced together by skillfull workers.

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