mercredi 4 mars 2015

Dominican Republic pavilion at Expo 2015 Milano

Empowering Family Farmers so They Can Feed Themselves, Their Communities, and the World

While global food production has expanded to satisfy the nutritional needs of every person in every country, hundreds of millions go to bed every night with an empty stomach. The scandal of hunger, which is a consequence of social and economic exclusion, should generate moral outrage: all of us who are food secure must demand courage from all actors to articulate concrete, effective, and sustainable actions. Because the primary responsibility for promoting social development rests with governments, national and local authorities must bring together civil society organizations, technical experts, independent researchers, and the private sector -including food producers at all levels of output - to identify proven strategies so that policy makers can create an enabling environment for overcoming poverty and eradicating hunger.

The Dominican Republic is among the Countries that have already met - almost two years ahead of schedule - the hunger target of the first Millennium Development Goal, as certified by the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization. It is in this global and national context that the Dominican Republic, as a key educational objective, wishes to share with the world - through Expo Milano 2015 - the conceptual and practical experiences that drive the Country’s recent successes in guaranteeing food and nutritional security for all. With its exhibition space in the Coffee Cluster the Dominican Republic aims to emphasize its long-standing, world-known tradition of growing high-quality coffee beans. The Dominican Republic’s temperature, rainfall, soils, sunlight, and altitude allow to grow, roast, and grind some of the tastiest coffee varieties in the world, as well as an increasing production of organic beans. The theme is presented in a consciously chosen minimalist designed pavilion featuring thematic itineraries constructed around the topics of food and sustainability; with the goal that visitors continue thinking about their experience long after they have left the exhibition space, and that they consider traveling to the country to witness the transformations being implemented.

The pavilion of Dominican Republic will be located in the Cluster Coffee in a privileged place: on the Decumanus (the main axis of the fairgrounds), facing the water fountain and light that separates Cocoa Cluster.

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