jeudi 12 mars 2015

New Logo for Israeli pavilion at Expo 2015 Milano

The logo is inspired by a verse of Prayer for Peace and Justice in the songs of King David in the Bible "-The Truth shall spring out of the earth and justice will look down from the sky" - ( Psalms 85-12 ).

The logo was created by the Italian-Israeli web-company IsayWeb !
It reflects the colors and energy of the Israelis, those who were able to make the desert blossom.
The logo is a graphic reinterpretation of the word TRUTH (אמת), which is composed by three letters:
  • the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet ALEF-א,
  • the one in the middle MEM-מ and
  • the last one TAV-ת.
The Alef, א, is in blue, the color of water, one of the main natural elements of agriculture.
Despite water was missing in Israel, Israelis found the way to get water through innovation and technology and turned an arid land into fertile.

The Mem, מ, is represented as a green bush. It refers to Israel’s reforestation process thanks to which Israel has more trees today than 100 years ago.

The Tav, ת, is represented in yellow which refers to the sun, the main source of life but also to the desert where grapes, corn, fruits and vegetables grow.

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