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Kuwait pavilion at Expo Milan 2015 - "Challenge of Nature"

Interesting article by Talal Al-Ghannam / KUNA

KUWAIT, March 5 (KUNA) -- Kuwait awaits a "spectacular" and eye-catching presence at the upcoming 'Expo Milan 2015' next May 1 as work in the Kuwaiti pavilion is almost finished by the renowned NUSSLI company.
Interviewed by Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), Dietmar Kautschitz, Managing Director at NUSSLI Italia said the aim of the Kuwaiti pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 is to present the extraordinary mix of culture and tradition, but also contemporary and scientific aspects which form the foundation of Kuwaiti culture.
He said that the purpose of his visit to Kuwait was aimed at discussing the latest phase of the workflow of the Kuwaiti pavilion with the officials of the Ministry of Information, saying that that the two sides were holding monthly technical committee discussion on this matter.
He added that the work will be completed within four to six weeks from now, praising the latest development of the workflow which he said would be "spectacular" once it is completed.
Kuwait's participation in the upcoming Expo Milan 2015 will be a great opportunity for Kuwait to show its real image, he said, recalling in this regard Kuwait's humanitarian contributions to the needy people around the world.
He pointed out that Kuwait's previous participation in such past events was not to the desired level, however, this year's participation will be eye-catching and "spectacular" especially as the Kuwaiti pavilion will be placed near famous pavilions of Germany, Switzerland and the United States making it stand high amongst these countries.
Kautschitz pointed out that the world wants to know more about Kuwait and what it does in terms of its humanitarian initiatives and its participation would serve in this aspect.
The basic design of the pavilion resembles the sails of a dhow, a traditional wooden boat which is still in use today in the Arabian Gulf. With its design, the Kuwaiti pavilion depicts some of the greatest challenges Kuwait faces due to its geographical location, its climate, and its vegetation and water, he added.
Asked about structure of the pavilion from inside, Kautschitz said that elements of nature such as the sun, heat, and rain are re-enacted. Sophisticated media equipment immerse visitors' five senses in a world of experience close to nature.
"From the metamorphosis of a desert landscape after a rainstorm to verdant forests, every conceivable setting has been included," he elaborated.
As a turnkey service provider, NUSSLI is responsible for the realization of the pavilion and the exhibition, as well as for the multimedia productions and the management of the pavilion's operation, he noted.
He said that theme of the pavilion "Challenge of Nature" has been selected as water, agriculture and energy are the biggest challenges that Kuwait is facing to ensure a better quality of life, aligned with sustainability.

Drinking water is a vital resource for this country, being located at the junction between the Arabian Peninsula and Asia, with its geographical and environmental conditions that are characterized by arid soil and climate, he noted.
Kautschitz pointed out that agriculture is being developed mainly in three regions, focusing on the cultivation of palms and potatoes and also through the promotion of educational campaigns and other initiatives of various kinds. Kuwait is heavily involved in the field of food education.
For its energy, the third challenge, the country is engaged in the pursuit of natural oil substitutes (solar and wind), he said, adding that participation at Expo Milano 2015 provides an opportunity to acquaint visitors with the 2,790 square-meter pavilion, with both its big projects in these three areas and the results achieved through humanitarian contributions and international cooperation in transport, agriculture, water, irrigation, telecommunications, education and health.
Turning to the pavilion's architecture, Kautschitz noted that the development and implementation of the concept by Italo Rota was assigned by Nussli to Progetto Cmr, founded by Massimo Roj. The pavilion offers a replica of fascinating view of the territory of Kuwait, main information about its culture, its human and natural resources -- a State born in a desert where it has been able to create its own wealth.
He added that it is the replica view of the desert that lures visitors most, where they will be feel as being immersed in landscapes recreated by 360-degree projection.
From the canyon where the water plays with the rocks, you arrive in the heart of the pavilion, a huge glass model which recounts the history of the area, taking visitors on a tour inside its "small fortress" (this is the meaning of the Arabic word from which Kuwait takes its name), from the different types of desert to the sea that washes the shores. Its highly scenic elements embody principles of recouping and saving natural energies, he stated.
Surrounded by hydroponics outside (tomatoes, strawberries, salads), the largest space, used for dining and refreshment, is colored by the typical elements of the Arab souk and by a large central fire, allowing visitors to relax and enjoy the flavors of the Middle East.

Photos by : Ghazy Qafaff - kuna

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