mardi 3 mars 2015

First pics from Somalia pavilion...

Theme: Plentiful life from a Little Water:  Somalia - its Animals, its Fragrances

Zone aride pavilion

A first preview of Somalia pavilion to promote Somalia to the World !

Pic Courtesy Somalia pavilion

ConceptSomalia is a unique Country, where Nature has taught how life can prosper with little water. Inspired by the magnificent boswellia carterii tree, Somali herders have learned how to breed their animals in arid areas. The boswellia, whose roots are able to capture water and minerals from the rocks on which it grows, produces the most precious resin, the frankincense. Somalis have always loved the smell of their incense: they use it to welcome guests, to embellish their houses and to fumigate water containers. For Millennia, populations from every corner of the World have traded with Somalia to purchase this resin, whose scent has always been thought to please the gods. 

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