mercredi 4 mars 2015

History - Russia in Torino, at the 1911 Expo !

The pavilion of Russia was located near the Medieval Castle, on the hills of the park, in the tradition of Catherine's Empire style, and reproduced the famous stables of Kuzminski by the architect Ghillardi.

Its construction is massive, with ancient Doric columns supporting the front door with a dome, giving it an impressive grandiosity.

The front elevation with steps flanked with lions faced the Pô river. At the entrance, there were standing gilt statues symbolizing Labor and Fertility.

In the middle of the atrium, there was a bust of Nicolas II created by Shleifert, the consul of Russia in Frankfurt.

An imperial eagle overcomes the wide facade.

About 230 exhibitors participated in the Russian section of the Expo, and showed their products inmost of the 24 subjects groups. A considerable part of them consisted of wonderful items made at home.

The galleries that there behind are arranged in a semi-oval.

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