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History - Korea at Expo 1900 Paris

Let's talk a little history, World Expo history, but especially the history of Korea's participations in the World Expos.

French newspaper, color engraving, pavilion of Korea.

The first participation was in Chicago in 1893, but Korea doesn't have a real pavilion yet. The country products exhibited was gathered in a small booth that was inside the main palace of the Expo.

It wasn't until the second participation of Korea to a World Expo to see a real pavilion, which represents the country.

First project for Expo 1900, Delors de Gléon.

The first pavilion was the one of 1900 World Expo in Paris.
That we will find below is not the one expected. Indeed, it's french specialist of reconstruction , Mr. Delors de Gléon, who had a huge success at the Exhibition of 1889 with its reconstruction of the Street of Cairo. He had imagined a huge and magnificent palace to best represent Korea.

Pavilion of Korea, Expo 1900 - Champ de Mars.
Rapport général Administratif et Technique - Alfred Picard - 1903

Alas, Mr. Delors de Gléon died prior to the completion of this incredible palace, whose construction would be halted. And what had been achieved was destroyed.
It was finally decided, very late, it really had to build a pavilion, but this time would be much smaller and modest.

Interior of Korea pavilion - Paul Gers - En 1900 - Ed. Crété.

This pavilion, inspired by a former royal palace in Seoul, was located at the end of the Champ de Mars, behind the galleries on the side of the gallery of machines of the 1900 Expo.
We will have the opportunity to speak in an article a little longer.

His majesty Ry Hyeng.

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